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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas- Hello Yellow!

sweet 16 birthday party ideasMemorable parties have a cohesive theme to them and feel like they were a good fit for the person having the party. Your party should be personal representing you, your likes, and the things that are the most important to you. Sweet 16 is also A party to mark a teenage girl’s passage to early adulthood is called a Sweet Sixteen. For most girls, turning Sweet Sixteen is an important part of her transition into adulthood, and is considered a close second to her wedding. So to choose the right color for this party is necessary.sweet 16 birthday partyToday we recommend the party themes is about the color, yellow. It’s a warm color, Yellow is commonly associated with gold, wealth, sunshine, optimism and pleasure. Choose this color for your sweet 16 party will give people a impressive feeling.yellow color sweet 16 birthday party ideassweet 16 birthday party cupcakesyellow birthday party foodsyellow sweet 16 birthday party drinksyellow birthday party decorationsBesides this color, you can also match with some other color, such as pink and white, it will make the whole theme to be more colorful. sweet 16 birthday decorations.jpgsweet 16 birthday decorationssweet 16 birthday decorations

The most significant, pick up a gorgeous prom dress for yourself, Choose the right dress to fit your theme,You can find more sweet 16 party dresses on the Internet, Just make sure you ordered it 1-2 months ago before your party.yellow celebrity prom dressesone shoulder chiffon prom dresses from dressesprobeaded one shoulder prom dresses from dressespromermaid long prom dresses from dressespro

Whatever your style is, you can find you dream dresses here.

Have an amazing birthday party!


Get The Customer Look: Stunning In Sweetheart Prom Gown DPPD1624

Sweetheart Neck Full Length Prom Gown DPPD1624 Here is the Mrs.Chelsea Feedback: “I was always very suspicious about online purchases, but this website with so many ppl’s positive comments, as well as excellent support team seemed to me very trustful. I ordered the dress in wine colors. To my surprise it arrived on time. Although many people commented that the custom made dresses came exactly their size I decided to take a regular one and to fix it with local tailor. According to the measure tablet my size was in between size 6 and 8, so I ordered size 8 to be on the safe side. It came big on me and I took it to a tailor, it was not hard to fix. If you are not sure about the size take the bigger one as it is much easier to fix rather than if the dress comes small on you. If you want to look more stylish,  I would recommend to take a jacket with this dress as it looks much better with it. I will rate the dress with 5 stars as I was really very much happy with my purchase. I have already recommended this website to my friends, and myself am looking forward to make new purchases from here :)”

Here are more pictures for this dress: Real customer pictures of the prom gown Strapless and sweetheart neckline Gorgeous Chiffon Prom Dresses Wine Sweetheart Neck Full Length Prom Gown

By the way, we also can free custom the color and size for our customer!


Sweetheart Neck Long Plicated Prom Dress

If you’re searching for that stunning, prom gown, perhaps an evening cocktail dress or just generally a fabulous formal gown, all at affordable prices, then look no further, as we have all the perfect prom dresses you may need at very competitive prices.


Get ready for the prom party 2013

The prom season is coming, with your prom just around the corner. There is no time like the present to start planning your makeup for the big day. We girls pre-plan our dress, shoes and hair weeks (even months) in advance. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to plan your makeup, too. You’ll be thankful for all of your planning when you see your glam self looking all superb in your prom pictures!

will you go to prom with me cookies

Prom dress 2013

It is a sultry dress that will make you feel classy and stylish at the same time. A magnificent evening gown with a one shoulder design featuring a beaded single strap that cascades across the slim fitting ruched surplice bodice to the waist. The chiffon material creates a flowy vibe that looks gorgeous when you walk!

prom dresses  2013 uk

Low V-neck A-Line Long Formal Dress DPCB042

Beaded Sweetheart Neck Soft Princess Dress DPPD762

pink plus size prom dresses

Pink Strapless Sweetheart Prom Dresses DPPD1595

Nude Strapless Beaded Chiffon Gown DPPD1628

Prom hairstyle

How about to make a cute bow style to go to a prom party? Make it by yourself!

prom hairstyles


prom haristyle grecian hairstyles

Face Tips

Start exfoliating your skin at least 2 times a week to remove the dead skin cells leaving a smooth clean base. Test out makeup looks at least a week before and photograph yourself to see if the makeup is photo friendly. If you are applying fake tan on yourself, practice first and start applying layers a week before to create a natural finish.


Here is one of our customer review to share with her make-up & prom dress tips, maybe it is helpful for you to pick up you own 2013 prom dress style!


Prom Night Dress—Be Limelight

Dressespro Recommend:

 Gorgeous One Shoulder Lace-up Back Gown width=

Gorgeous One Shoulder Lace-up Back Gown DPPD558

 One Shoulder Beaded Long Prom Dress

One Shoulder Beaded Long Prom Dress DPPD1028


Strapless Embroidered Long Prom Dress DPPD1027

Prom night is usually a quite special occasion in every single teenager’s life. In this particular occasion, the teenagers come towards the social gathering wearing their best outfits, makeup and hairstyles to build an impact on other people. They wait for this moment so long that when it comes, they put all their efforts to appear their finest and flaunt among mates.

Girls, generally go for shopping for their prom dresses and opt for the top 1 which makes them look outstanding and inside their budget. You’ll find a lot of varieties readily available to select from concerning prom dresses. Nonetheless, ranges differ from every other depending on its design and style.

In situation you aren’t able to manage sufficient time to go for shopping for your attire, then go to some on-line prom dress stores that will offer you with newest fashion and also the price tag of the gowns. You’ll discover that not each and every prom dress is costly and there are some low cost prom night dresses also offered that will suite your taste and also the price.

Beside attire, so as to improve their start looking, the teenagers also go to your hairstylists and do their favorite hairstyle only for the situation of Prom afternoon. Heading for prom hairstyles is more amongst the women than the boys. Though you’ll find lots of prom hairstyles accessible for ladies, but taking into consideration the face shape prior to heading for any prom hairstyle is really a actually great idea of getting the most effective probable look.

The prom nights are typically theme based get together where the students decide a theme and then organize the celebration. Prom nights are quite crucial occasion for the youngsters, as it really is last school occasion with all their nearest and dearest pals. They sing, dance and even take participation in a variety of activities for the duration of prom nights.

Some teenage ladies, to be able to attend the prom afternoon celebration and look outstanding in it, go to designer wears that is of course pricey than normal store gowns. Moreover, so as to build a unique prom night dress, it is possible to use your imagination and create a gorgeous prom evening gown for you. And there are several stylish and low cost prom dresses obtainable online.

In situation you don’t have the time to do so, ask a prom dress manufacturer to help you in this regard. To be able to start looking stunning for the duration of your prom night the most crucial thing is that your prom afternoon gown ought to complement your total start looking along together with your hairstyle.

long prom dress/evening dress

halter neck or sweetheart neck plicated long prom dress/evening dress

How to Find Fantastic Evening Dresses For You

Are you going to a really fancy event that requires you to wear an evening dress? Are you stressing out because you have no idea how to shop for the perfect evening dress? Evening dresses are very tricky. At times, they may remind you of going to the prom. However, if you know how to look for a great dress and what you should look for, then you should have no problem buying an evening dress. Below I have broken down the different types of evening dresses that you can consider. Based on the type and your own personal preference, you should be able to find a great dress for your big event.

Long Evening Dresses
The most traditional type of evening dress is the long evening dress. Long evening dresses look fantastic on a lot of people. They also cover up legs and sometimes wider hips. If you are a bit taller, definitely consider buying one of these types of dresses. If you are more petite, you will need to make sure you find the right dress or it will look overwhelming on your body. When shopping for a long dress, first think about your own body. Do you have a larger chest or larger hips? Do you have a stomach you want to cover? There are different cuts of long dresses that will help to hide some of your problem areas. Understand the areas you want to hide before you go shopping. The empire waist dress helps to show off the chest area and also falls straight down so you can hide a little bit of your stomach and your hip area. The trumpet style dress, helps to accentuate hips, especially if you don’t have big ones. The trumpet style dress will make a woman without curves look a lot curvier. Also, with a long evening dress, make sure that you buy a pair of high heels. Everybody looks better when they are taller. You may even want to consider a pair of platform heels because most of the time your shoes will not show under your dress. Whatever your body type, understand what you are trying to show off and cover up before going to shop for a long evening dress.

Short Evening Dresses
Short dresses are perfect for women who have nice legs or for petite women. Short dresses help to make women look a little taller because their legs are completely shown. If you choose to buy a short dress, make sure that you look for one that is fancier. You cannot wear a short evening dress that is too casual looking. This means, it needs to have a little bit more drama. Look for short cocktail dresses that have beading or are a bit sparkly. The other option is to pair the short cocktail dress with a lot of fancy jewelry. Also, make sure you wear a pair of fancy heels. Gold or silver heels will work better. You may choose to wear a short evening dress, but because it is short, you will need to make it look fancier than a long dress. The long dress has the advantage of looking fancy without having to add a lot of rhinestones or even jewelry. Finally, when shopping for a short evening dress, make sure that the dress falls above your knees. Do not look for a dress that falls between your knees and your ankles. The point of a short dress is to have something that shows off your legs. Do not buy a dress that is too short. Ideally you want the dress to be about 2 inches above your knees. This will still look elegant but also look great on you.
Black or Red Evening Dress
One other consideration you have when looking for an evening dress is the color. While there aren’t many colors to choose from, two colors always have a more dramatic effect. Those colors are a black evening dress or a red evening dress. The black dress is always something that will work for any occasion. Black is a very slimming color and will make you look skinnier. Black is also very elegant. When you buy a black dress, make sure that it is very dark. Compare the black color to other black items to make sure that the color is dark and sleek enough. You do not want to buy a cheap black dress or people will be able to tell when you stand next to somebody else with a black dress.
A red evening dress is fantastic if you want to make a great impression. People naturally look at the color red. Many men are naturally attracted to that color more than any other color. A woman in red always looks a bit more attractive and even a bit sexier. For those women considering a red evening dress, make sure you choose one that is more classic. The color red is already very bold and you do not want to wear a dress that is trendy and will cause you to give the wrong impression. Also, make sure your purse and shoes and other accessories are all very elegant.

ball gown

elegant long strapless ball gown

Petite Evening Dresses
For those women who are a bit petite, and still want the perfect evening dress, that the best option is to look for a dress that you can easily alter. However, when you shop, do not look for a dress that you need to alter the top or the body of. Try to find a dress that fits your chest and your hips and waist, but is too long. Altering the length of a dress is very easy. Altering anything else they cause the dress to look different or may not be as fitted as you would like. One option is to buy an empire waist dress that falls straight below your chest. Another option is to buy a long sheet dress that is supposed to fall straight down. For petite women, there are sometimes designers that make petite evening dresses. Definitely look for these options since the dress will fit a lot better than a regular size dress.
Evening dresses are one of the most glamorous items that a woman can wear. After you find that fantastic evening dress, make sure that you are prepared. Go and have your nails done. Buy the right shoes. Most importantly, make sure that your hair is done by a professional. The hair and makeup will do a lot for your entire look. Wearing a fantastic down without adding all of the additional touchups will cause you to look worse. Adding all of these details will make you look good in your evening dress.

How to choose an evening dress?

Each one of you should posses one or two evening dresses that can be worn on any occasion. You should choose the most extra ordinary evening dress, so that you are the charm of the party you going in. And for this, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time deciding what actually you need. Choose an outfit that will suit your personality and make you look both elegant and glamorous.

You need to take in a lot of things into consideration while buying an evening dress for yourself. Here are a few tips that will help you choose an evening dress:

• First of all plan your budget and decide the amount you actually willing to spend. Once you know the amount you want to spend your task of choosing a dress becomes easy as then you tend to look in for dresses between that range only.

• Then you can make a list of all the budget stores available for your requirements so that you save your time and energy by only visiting such stores. Pick a store that has exclusive designer wear.

• Decide on the kind of style you want to go in for. Consult your friends to know about the latest trends they have come across.

• If you are unable to decide which dress will suit you the best you can take help from your friends.

• Choose neutral colors. Pastels, black, brown, earth tones these are mostly the colors that are considered classic. Some colors may not blend or go with your skin type. Choose something that will look good on you and fits you well.

• Don’t go in for flashy and bright colors if you are not confident whether you will be able to carry them off well or not.

• The neck line affects your overall look. Choose a neck style that will suit your neck shape.

• Your evening dress should not be loaded with accessories and beadworks.

• Never choose a dress just because its in fashion, go in for something that will compliment your personality.

It is advisable to be never in a hurry while choosing a dress for yourself, you might end up making the wrong decision and buying the wrong dress. Keep yourself free from all tensions and be patient while on a hunt for an evening dress.

Long Chiffon Prom Gown

Halter Low V-neck A-line dress with beaded waistline

Cheongsam look at the election body

Cheongsam—China women’s traditional clothing, its clear lines, close fit, full of women, curvy, modern cheongsam is the ideal prom dress of Chinese women, and even some foreign women are vying to wear.

Cheongsam closely the high collar, to give people the feeling of an elegant and dignified, slightly tight waist size fashion and articles reflect the waist of the curve; particular slits on both sides, micro-light running nowadays corner waving, with a sense of light and lively . Can be chosen to spend their daily wear cotton poplin or cotton muslin factors produced cheongsam, both simple and generous. Choose flowers, Suge, thin strips of silk making costumes and can show soft, steady style. Broche use satin, velvet cheongsam made is welcome, the most luxurious dinner clothes, set in a dignified and elegant. In recent years, batik, tie-dyed, hand to the other processes for cheongsam even more so into the ranks of high fashion.

Type in the sleeve cheongsam have sleeveless, short sleeve, the sleeve and long sleeve to the other; collar on the traditional collar and no collar of the change; improved cheongsam dress also deeply loved by ladies.

Cheongsam is a ceremonial garment, as the hotel’s clothing is clearly inappropriate; some wearing traditional costumes and ride a bike, it is unsightly; wear traditional costumes and stockings must be worn with pants, socks to prevent the first from open revealing the indecent; a cheongsam to stand after a station like, take a statue and bow legs, fork legs, lift the leg kicking the stool are all unsightly.

Select cheongsam, from the age, size, season and so many different perspectives. Some older women should be slightly darker color of some fabrics; the design should be relaxed to reflect the solemn quiet, elegant. Middle-aged women, rich and bright colors should choose elegant and even embroidery, piping the cheongsam, reflecting elegant. Young women are advised to use brilliant color and beautiful fancy, handsome and lively style reflects the youth fitness and vibrant society. On the season, the spring and autumn, the weather is cool, to be elected thin or thick wool fibers in the long cheongsam, dress it and keeps warm. Early summer weather grew hot, the optional chemical fiber fabric short-sleeve cheongsam, light, cool and cheap. Height of summer, hot harder and harder, to be elected or thin fabric made of silk sleeveless qipao, wear cool and pleasant, such as the fan in the body. Winter can also wear cheongsam, but flocculation on cotton, camel hair and the like, made cheongsam, such as bordered fur, became popular.
Cheongsam closely with high collar, elegant look dignified, but depends on the election body. Neck slender man, with tight and high collar; will highlight the lack of neck, leading some short, some wide, to make up for this shortage, cheongsam hem of the slits to catch up with height proportional to the tall, slender, open some great , walking to advantage, it is truly beautiful, small slits, and then legging hard line.
Cheongsam is the best show shape America’s clothing, long prom dresses to fit Caixing particular. Selection of ready-made cheongsam must be careful in the dressing room trying on. Not only length, not too fat to fit, collar, shoulder, chest, waist and hip circumference should be fit for the job even longer waist section, and the milk from the waist to the buttocks, should be appropriate, excessive mobility, too loose, difficult to present women’s physical beauty.

Note: If you like cheongsam, you can email us the pictures, we also can parpred for you.

Long or Short,which is right for you?

While long dresses have been the traditional prom dress since there were proms, short prom dresses have also become very popular and are making their way into the proms across the country as an accepted type of dress for high school seniors. Many girls will have a hard time deciding what type of prom dress they want to wear and this can hold them up in selecting a dress. There are a few tips that may help you decide this crucial part of your prom night.

Many people including some parents consider a short dress to be too revealing for a young lady and may think this is the case all the more so if the dress has no straps or a low back. Before you go to look at short or long prom dresses you may wish to talk to your parents to make sure they have no objections to what you plan to wear. This may end your struggling with the decision and you may have to choose from long prom dresses to keep your parents happy so it is a good idea to take care of this important detail first.

There are many glamorous and revealing dresses both long and short, so even if your parents tell you that you need to go with a long dress, you will still have plenty to choose from that will stun your escort and cause heads to turn as you make an entrance on prom night. Plan to take the day with your mom or friends to look at dresses and be sure to take your time so that you can find the perfect dress. If you have had the go ahead from parents to choose either short or long